Activities and surroundings

Tramin has a whole host of activities on offer to visitors from early spring to late autumn.

Whatever you opt to do, be it cycling in the vineyards or forests, swimming in our warm, nearby lakes, working-out at the leisure centre, even mountain climbing or walking through picturesque alpine pastures, your mind, body and soul will be rejuvenated on a visit to our beautiful holiday region!

Delicious South Tyrolean cake will provide sustenance and evenings are taken care of in the wine cellars where, as the saying goes, "wine is the nightingale of all drinks". Cheers!

The culture of Tramin and the surrounding area is also fascinating. Experience this culture and be inspired by the idyllic wine-growing village with its southern flair in the South Tyrolean lowlands.

You can find more information under: Holidays in Tramin - Lake Kaltern Weather Tramin: Webcam Tramin.

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